Authentic Lessons for 21st Century Learning

Technology Visioning

Shayna Pond, Bradly Cusack, Alex Parsons

Essential Questions

  • What do we want teaching and learning with technology to look like in our school in three years?

Learning Goals

  • Develop a culture of collaboration

  • Reflect on technology and instructional practices

  • Develop a school-wide technology integration vision

  • Develop a personal technology integration goal

Materials List

  • Poster Paper

  • Markers

  • Post-it Notes

  • Copies of ISTE Standards

  • Copies of Practices descriptions

  • Copies of Practices worksheet


Provide introductions of yourself, the objectives, and the reason why we're meeting for visioning.

The activity starts with participants constructing Word Clouds. Tell participants to get at least five sticky notes. Display slide #4, showing the five questions for the Word Clouds.

  1. What is the number one characteristic you want your students to exhibit in your classroom?

  2. In order to be successful in the future, my students need to be able to ______________________________.

  3. In order for my students to have these skills, teaching and learning needs to look like ________________________.

  4. What resources or support do I need as a teacher to make this happen?

  5. What is the number one thing you think is most important to be as a teacher?

Direct the participants to answer each question on a different sticky note (so they will end with five sticky notes with a unique answer on each). Once they are done answering, have them go and put each answer on the corresponding poster paper. After they do that, advance to the next slide, with the questions about feelings with technology.

Again, direct the participants to answer the two questions:

  1. What are you most excited about when thinking about more technology resources in your school and classroom?

  2. What are you most nervous about when thinking about more technology resources in your school and classroom?

As participants turn their responses for those two questions into you, number them from 1-5 and send them to the corresponding poster paper. Advance to the next slide (slide #6), which has directions on how to make their word cloud.

  • Categorize and count up the responses

  • The most frequent word is the biggest and in the center

  • The size of the word is based on its frequency

  • Be creative in color and position as you make your word cloud

While participants are working on their word clouds:

As the facilitator, gather and sort the responses received for the questions related to feelings about technology. Go to and create two virtual word clouds. Save the clouds as pictures, and insert them into the PP on slide #8.