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Walk and Talk

Teresa Lansford | Published: November 15th, 2021 by K20 Center


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Walk and Talk

The Walk and Talk Strategy promotes physical movement as learners of any age discuss content. Get your learners moving while they engage in purposeful talk!

Walk and Talk


Use the Walk and Talk strategy to encourage learners of any age to get up and move while discussing content. Introduce a prompt based on something you have had your learners read or do. Then pair them up to walk around the room as they talk. When they come back to the larger group, ask them to share the highlights from their conversations.


  1. After reviewing content, introducing new content, or giving learners a text to read, introduce a discussion prompt. 

  2. Pair up learners. This “walk and talk” activity is a great opportunity for learners to find a partner whom they don’t know or don’t usually get a chance to talk to. If space is limited, move the groups to a different room or outside. 

  3. Set a time limit and instruct partners to walk around the room discussing their responses to the prompt.  

  4. Younger learners may need more structure about who talks first or tips on active listening to ensure that both partners have an equal chance to discuss the topic.

  5. Adult learners who want to leave the room to walk elsewhere need only a reminder of when to return for group discussion.

  6. When time is up, bring the group together and have them share out highlights from their discussions.

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