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Standards-Based Lessons

K20's LEARN lesson library contains nearly 400 authentic, standards-based math, ELA, science, and social studies lessons for the K–12 classroom. Each teacher-vetted lesson includes downloadable handouts and detailed instructions in a 5E instructional framework. Search the database to find lessons by grade level, content area, keywords, state/national standards, and timeframe. New lessons are being added continually, along with updates to include distance-learning and technology integration options.

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Professional Learning

K20's LEARN library includes professional development resources and tools for teacher-led learning. Each activity follows the 5E framework and integrates authentic instructional strategies. The searchable database allows users to filter for experiences designed for new teachers, administrators, varying group sizes and times, and multiple purposes, such as growing a college-going culture and increasing the "teacher toolbox."

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Instructional Strategies

K20's library of instructional strategies provides over 150 interactive activities designed to reinforce authentic learning for individuals, small groups, and whole classes. These creative and fun lesson supports engage students at all grade levels and across subjects. Browse the instructional strategy library by purpose, grade, and group size to find activities of various lengths with tips for scaffolding learners of all levels.

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Game-Based Learning

K20's award-winning educational software encourages critical thinking and improves student engagement, content knowledge, and inquiry skills. The game-based learning (GBL) team has developed a variety of fun, web-based games that are standards-aligned and include topics such as college and career choices, data interpretation, goal setting/time management, statistics, financial literacy, business ethics, algebra, calculus, and biology. Each game also tracks student progress and engagement.

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Technology Tools

Your complete guide to educational apps and websites to enhance authentic learning. Each digital card contains links to tools that educators and parents can access to supplement lessons and engage students. Applications and step-by-step procedures give users of all levels the tools they need to tap into valuable online resources. Search for tools based on functionality/purpose and cost.

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Student Resources

Activities for students to use independently include educational games, virtual campus visits, and activities to help students navigate their postsecondary options.

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Family Preparedness

K20 has developed a series of interactive, parent-led lessons to be used at home. These fun, guided lessons include science, language arts, math, and college prep topics with activities to allow parents and students to share in the learning. You'll also find resources for making postsecondary education choices, digital games, and activities to create conversations about college and career options.

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Educator Resources

LEARN provides educators with rich, authentic resources for classroom teaching as well as professional learning resources. The LEARN lesson repository includes standards-based classroom lessons for grades K–12 in all subject areas. In addition, you'll find a searchable database of teacher-led professional learning activities designed to implement authentic teaching, integrate tech, and prepare students for postsecondary education.

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