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Snapchat Annotation

Jane Baber, Candace Hinnergardt | Published: September 16th, 2020 by K20 Center


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Snapchat Annotation

This activity infuses students' worlds with literature as they use Snapchat as a tool to annotate a text.

Snapchat Annotation


First, explain what annotation and how to annotate. Then, have students use Snapchat as a tool to annotate a text.


  1. Explain to students what annotation is and what it means to annotate. Keep it simple. Limit it to themes, character development, literary elements/devices, and/or unfamiliar words. Emphasize that this should not detract from their reading, but they should be reading first and making these notes. Modify for your instructional needs.

  2. Introduce the categories you want them to annotate for and make sure students have access to Snapchat. Assign each category an abbreviation.

  3. Determine the number of Snapchats you want students to do. Modify for your instructional needs.

  4. Students will take a picture of the page they are reading that has an example of the categories given.

  5. They will circle/underline/highlight the quote or example they found on that page and include the abbreviation for the category next to the quote.

  6. Students can include at least one emoji or Bitmoji to show their reaction or interpretation to the passage.

  7. Next, students will write a sentence or two of commentary using the text feature.

  8. Finally, students will save these images to their camera roll and then put them in a Google Doc to turn in.