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Patricia Turner | Published: April 26th, 2022 by K20 Center


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Scoot is a strategy where students move to complete tasks that have been placed at different locations in the room. After spending a specified amount of time at one station, students move to the next task.



Students complete a series of numbered tasks by moving from one desk to another, usually spending about a minute at each desk. Students use a recording sheet to write down answers or notes as each task is completed.


Before beginning, advise students that this activity is a silent one. Announce to students in advance that when time is called, they need to move to the next desk even if they have not completed the current task.

  1. Create, number, and print task cards in advance. Make sure that you have a task card for every student in the class.

  2. Provide students with a sheet to record their answers for the entire activity. Make sure that every student has a pencil to write with.

  3. Place one task card on each student’s desk in numerical order. Do this before class begins.

  4. Before they begin, remind students to record their answers in the appropriate place on their recording sheet. If a student starts at Desk 3, then instruct them to record their first answer in the box associated with Desk 3.

  5. If time permits, do a quick dry run of the process so students understand the flow.

  6. Start the activity by having students complete the task at their desk and record the answer on their sheets.

  7. After about a minute, announce "Scoot!" You may want to ring a bell or a chime along with the announcement.

  8. Have students move to the next desk and begin working on the next numbered task.

  9. Continue until all tasks have been completed or until time is up. It is not unusual to get only halfway through a set of tasks.

Have a plan for early finishers. Add a quick verbal task to keep them busy so that there is no idle time. If it appears that everyone finishes before time is up, consider shortening the amount of time allowed.

This is a new twist on an old favorite.