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Add, Remove, Move, Substitute (ARMS)

Kelsey Willems, Patricia McDaniels-Gomez | Published: February 6th, 2024 by K20 Center


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Add, Remove, Move, Substitute (ARMS)

A mnemonic device used for reviewing, revising, and refining student writing.

Add, Remove, Move, Substitute (ARMS)


The “ARMS” acronym stands for Add, Remove, Move, and Substitute. This revision strategy can be a helpful checklist of sorts for students to remember how to edit a text for clarity. This can be useful when revising full essays or when students are being tested on sentence structure, clarity, and/or organization.


Review what the ARMS acronym stands for. 

A = ADD.  Add any words, phrases, or sentences as needed for clarity.

R = REMOVE. Delete any words, phrases, or sentences as needed for conciseness.

M = MOVE. Move any words, phrases, or sentences to make the meaning clear.

S = SUBSTITUTE. Revise vague, clumsy, and/or confusing or wordy material. Use the word or phrase that is the most appropriate.

Option 1: Have students go through a text they have written and revise it based on the actions above. 

Option 2: Pass out a reading passage and have students answer questions about revising for clarity. Explain that they can use ARMS to help choose the best option.

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