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Anticipate the Bot

Kelsey Willems | Published: February 27th, 2024 by K20 Center


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Anticipate the Bot

Students practice summarizing by comparing/contrasting their work with an AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot.

Anticipate the Bot


Pose a prompt to students and have them document their response. Then, students (or the teacher) pose the same prompt to an AI chatbot. Have students compare/contrast their responses to the bot’s response to see if they highlighted the necessary information the prompt asked for. This strategy can be used across the curriculum and as a review or extension of knowledge. Note: Chatbots can misinterpret information, present bias, and/or plagiarize the work of others. Always check the validity and originality of the content gleaned from a chatbot source.


Have a prompt in mind. 

  1. (Optional) Review instructions for compare/contrast. Review importance of summary and/or synthesis. 

  2. Present your lesson prompt to students and encourage them to summarize what they know about the topic in their written response. 

  3. Either as a class or individually, present the same prompt to an AI Chatbot. Be sure to be as specific as possible. For example, you may not have to tell students that you want them to write about the impact of war during the American Revolution but you do need to be that specific with the chatbot as it needs the broader context. Based on your class, consider also adding the reading grade level at which you wish it to write.

    For example: Create a summary for [grade level] students in a [subject] class learning about [specific topics]. The summary should be approximately [number of sentences] and include [other relevant details]. This summary should be [style] and [tone] and help students understand [concept].

  4. Have students compare/contrast their response to the bot. Possible discussion questions: How similar was your response to the bot’s? What details did you or the bot forget? How has reading the bot’s response changed your ideas?

  5. (Optional) Consider using this strategy in conjunction with the Six-Word Memoirs or Collective Brain Dump strategy to really get students to consider what’s important within a topic.

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