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Morgan Myers | Published: September 16th, 2020 by K20 Center


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A T-Chart is a graphic organizer that looks like the letter "T" and is used to sort information into two categories. It is a highly adaptable strategy that can be used across all subjects and grade levels.



The T-Chart is an easy-to-use graphic organizer that can be used across subjects to record any information with two parameters—for example: concept  & example, pros & cons, prediction & outcome, character & traits, cause & effect, before & after, word & definition, word & picture, or quote & analysis. The possibilities are truly endless! Students can present this information using words, phrases, or pictures, depending on the activity.


  1. Determine what types of information you want to be recorded.

  2. If you wish to have students record information independently or in small groups, provide students with a T-Chart handout that has two columns, or have them draw their own T-Charts. They can draw their own by folding a sheet of paper in half vertically and tracing the fold line, then adding a horizontal line across the top to make the "T" graphic organizer.

  3. If you wish to record information as a whole class, create the T-Chart on the board or anchor chart paper, or project a digital version.

  4. Invite students to label a header for each of the columns. Information in the left column may correlate directly to information across from it in the right column (for example, word & definition). If there is no direct correlation (as with pros & cons), students may organize their lists according to whatever criteria they prefer.

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