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Teresa Lansford, James Morris | Published: July 7th, 2022 by K20 Center


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Unleash creativity by designing digital posters and infographics with Piktochart. Piktochart is a free, graphic design platform that is user-friendly for learners of all ages. Drag-and-drop image features and a library of pre-made templates make getting started a snap. Piktochart enables users to share their learning in an engaging and to-the-point medium that is increasingly prevalent in their world.



Setting up a Piktochart account is free and takes just a few steps to get started. Both students and educators can choose to log-in with Google accounts or set up a Piktochart account by providing an email address. Once inside, you can select a format from the templates library or create your own. Piktochart offers several free-to-use images and a shape/color library to personalize the work. Free accounts get two free downloads, so it may be best to use the Piktochart share link to share work rather than downloading for printing.


  1. Visit and sign up with a Google account or personal email.

  2. Select a template or start a blank creation as prompted by Piktochart.

  3. Use the text boxes in the template, add your own box to type into, or paste in text.

  4. Select from Piktochart's free images and clipart to enhance your infographics or digital posters.

  5. Add collaborators to work together on developing infographics.

  6. Save up to 5 projects at a time.

  7. When finished, you can save and either download or get a link to share their work online.

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