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Erin Finley, Kelsey Willems | Published: February 14th, 2024 by K20 Center


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Diffit is a website for teachers to generate instructional materials and to differentiate instructional materials using AI (artificial intelligence).



Diffit generates instructional materials for teachers when given a subject, prompt, article, or video link. These materials can be differentiated by adjusting the reading level, translating material to other languages, and doing other tasks to meet the needs of all students.

Note: AI platforms can misinterpret information, present bias, and/or plagiarize the work of others. Always check the validity and originality of the content gleaned from an AI source.


  1. Navigate to

  2. Select the “Teacher Start Here” button.

  3. Use the search bar to enter the lesson topic, “An Article or Video (URL)”, or “Any Text Excerpt.”

  4. Below the search bar, select the “approximate reading level” and “language.”

  5. Select the “Generate Resources” button.

  6. Review the material that has been generated.

  7. You can “edit,” “add,” and “delete” content.

  8. Continue editing until the generated materials meet your needs.

  9. Select the “Get Student Activities” button.

  10. Click on the materials you would like to generate.

  11. Select the elements you would like to include.

  12. Click the green button to download, print, or generate the student activities.

    Note: Some of the student activities are “free forever.” Others are free for a period of time but will require a subscription eventually.

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