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Linear Proportionality and Representations

K20 Center, Alexandra Parsons | Published: September 15th, 2022 by K20 Center


This lesson is intended to introduce and reinforce how proportional relationships are displayed in graphs and tables. Students will need a basic understanding of graphing and will apply that knowledge to calculating rates based on scenarios.

Essential Question(s)

How are graphs, tables, and rates connected?



Students look at two social media posts and observe the different graphs in each.


Students interpret scenarios and determine if their graphical properties.


Students connect academic language about linear proportionality to scenarios, graphs, and justifications.


Students construct their own scenarios and answer keys.


Students switch scenarios and try to solve a classmate’s scenario.


  • Lesson Slides (attached)

  • Linear Proportions Scenarios (attached)

  • Make Your Own Scenario (attached)


Ask students what kind of stuff they like to follow on social media. Let them just informally share out.

Display the first graph on the slide, and say that this is an Instagram account that makes funny graphs (so a cool, yet nerdy, social media account).