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Who Took More Cookies from the Cookie Jar?

How to Make a Fair Share

Grade Level Grade Level

  • Kindergarten - 1st

In this lesson, you will begin by reading the book "The Duckling Gets a Cookie" by Mo Willems to get students thinking about sharing equally and what a fair share means. Students will use shapes and objects to represent items as they work with a variety of problems. Although the problems presented for... Read more ยป

Lesson 5E Lesson

Grade Level Grade Level

  • Kindergarten - 1st

Course Course

  • Elementary Mathematics, Oklahoma Young Scholars/Javits

Subject Subject

  • Mathematics

Copied To Clipboard Standards

  • K.N.3, K.N.3.1, 1.N.3.1, 1.N.3.2
More 2 periods
Time Frame 95 minutes