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Tulsa Burning: Flash Points of Change (Part 1 of 5)

Tulsa Race Massacre

Grade Level Grade Level

  • 4th - 6th

Beginning just before students read "Tulsa Burning" by Anna Myers, this companion lesson provides a contextual understanding of people, places, and power in the Tulsa Race Massacre. In the first of the series of lessons, students will be introduced to the concept of a flash point in science and compare... Read more »

Lesson 5E Lesson

Grade Level Grade Level

  • 4th - 6th

Subject Subject

  • English/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

Course Course

  • Oklahoma History

Copied To Clipboard Standards

  • 5.1.R.2, 5.1.R.3, 5.6.R.2
Time Frame
Honeycomb Harvest

Grade Level Grade Level

  • Preschool - 12th

This activity "harvests" student understanding of the logical relationships between words and concepts. Read more »

Strategy Instructional Strategy

User Group Group Size

  • Individual

Copied To Clipboard Placement In Lesson

  • Engage/Opening, Explore/Learning Activity, Explain/Closing, Extend/Additional Learning Activity, Evaluate/Assessment

Time Frame Time To Complete

  • 20 - 30 Minutes

Tag Intention Or Purpose

  • Activate Prior Knowledge, Analyze, Collaborate, Compare & Contrast, Critical Thinking, Evaluate, Identify, Organize, Reason, Self-assessment

Grade Level Grade Level

  • Preschool - 12th