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  • Preschool - Undergraduate

This is a collection of Instructional Strategies with digital versions you can use with your class or presentation. Most of these are simple tools to help you engage your participants with a topic of your choosing. Simply visit any of these Instructional Strategies, and find the "Go to" button under... Read more ยป

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  • Administrators, All Staff or Teachers, Campus Visits, Other Stakeholders, Teachers

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  • Individual, Large Group (at least 30), Medium Group (at least 10), Small Group, Small Group (at least 4), Whole Class

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  • Engage/Opening, Explore/Learning Activity, Explain/Closing, Extend/Additional Learning Activity, Evaluate/Assessment

Time Frame Time To Complete

  • Less Than 10 Minutes, 10 - 20 Minutes, 20 - 30 Minutes, More Than 30 Minutes

Tag Intention Or Purpose

  • Activate Prior Knowledge, Active Engagement, Analyze, Brainstorming, Collaborate, Compare & Contrast, Conversation Starter, Critical Thinking, Elaborate, Evaluate, Hypothesize, Identify, Infer, Interpret, Organize, Persuade, Physical Movement, Present, Problem Solving, Reason, Recognize, Reflection, Research, Review, Self-assessment, Speak & Listen, Student Choice, Summarize, Synthesize, Writing

Grade Level Grade Level

  • Preschool - Undergraduate
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