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Are You Thinking What I Am Thinking?

Persuasive Writing

Grade Level Grade Level

  • 4th - 6th

In this interactive lesson, students engage with their peers by taking a stance on a topic and providing reasoning that supports their opinion. Then students read through a series of persuasive essays, identifying and discussing the persuasive elements found in the essays. Students then write their... Read more ยป

Lesson 5E Lesson

Grade Level Grade Level

  • 4th - 6th

Subject Subject

  • English/Language Arts

Tag Related

  • Argument Writing

Course Course

  • Oklahoma Young Scholars/Javits

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  • Javits

Copied To Clipboard Standards

  • 4.3.R.5, 4.4.W.2, 5.3.W.3, 6.3.W.3
More 2-3 Days
Time Frame 2-3 hours