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Tell Me Everything

K20 Center, Barbara Dozier | Published: September 16th, 2020 by K20 Center


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Tell Me Everything

In this strategy, students write down everything they remember about a topic or concept as a review, self-assessment, or foundation to build upon for future assignments.

Tell Me Everything


This is a reflective assignment that helps students review prior knowledge by identifying what they already know about a specific skill, concept, or topic and then using that information to influence a later assignment.


  1. Identify a prerequisite skill or new skill, concept, or topic that students will need for a project, activity, or assignment.

  2. Prompt students by saying or posting: "Write everything you remember about [topic]" or "Tell me everything you know about [topic]."

  3. Reacting to the prompt, students brainstorm and write down everything they remember about the skill, concept, or topic.

  4. In pairs or small groups, ask students to share from their lists, adding to their lists as others in their group share new information.

  5. Have groups share list items with the rest of the class. Write down these responses to construct a whole-class list (students may add these new items to their personal lists as well). As the list grows, make sure groups only share items that are not already on the class list.

  6. Address misconceptions and gaps in knowledge.

  7. As students progress through additional learning opportunities, have them refer to their individual lists as needed.