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What Did I Learn Today?

K20 Center | Published: September 16th, 2020 by K20 Center


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What Did I Learn Today?

Reflective writing helps the teacher determine if a day's lesson met its intended learning goals.

What Did I Learn Today?


Students are provided a few minutes to reflect upon the day's learning to describe any new learning or prior learning that was expanded upon during the lesson. This strategy can also be used as a discussion question in a small-group reflection time. Teachers would be able to use the results of this reflection to make sure the day's lesson accomplished what it was meant to do and to guide future instruction.


  1. At the end of a lesson, provide students with a few minutes to reflect upon the day.

  2. Students write about what they learned that day, focusing specifically on any new learning that occurred or the ways in which their prior learning was expanded upon.

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