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How Am I Feeling? What Am I Thinking?

Cacey Wells | Published: September 16th, 2020 by K20 Center


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How Am I Feeling? What Am I Thinking?

Students self-evaluate or reflect on their learning and social-emotional status after exploring or engaging in a new topic or concept. This formative assessment can also double as an Exit Ticket.

How Am I Feeling? What Am I Thinking?


This strategy serves as a formative assessment for students' learning and their social-emotional status at the end of a class period, lesson, or project. Students reflect and share how they feel about their learning and what they understand and think in terms of moving forward with content. In the strategy, students are tasked with drawing how they feel and then writing a comment or question about their thinking in terms of the content explored.


  1. Distribute one sticky note to each student.

  2. Students draw a line (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) to divide the sticky note in half.

  3. On one half of the sticky note, students draw how they feel about the content that they have explored.

  4. On the other half, students write a sentence explaining what they understand or think now. This could be a question or a comment that they have regarding their learning or a description of the experience itself.

  5. Students can share feelings, thoughts, or questions that they recorded. (Sharing should be optional for all students, not a requirement.)

  6. Students place sticky notes on the board, door, wall, or other flat surface.

  7. Collect the sticky notes that the students have created and reflect on their feelings, thoughts, and questions regarding the topic or concept.