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Sherry Franklin | Published: February 6th, 2023 by K20 Center


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TAG Me! is a reflection strategy that helps students provide specific, constructive feedback to their peers.



TAG Me! is an acronym that guides students on how to provide feedback to their peers in either writing or verbally. TAGGING can be done at any point in a lesson where you feel self-reflection and peer feedback is needed. Prompted by the acronym, students tell their peers something they like (T), ask a clarifying question (A), and give a suggestion for improvement (G).


T: Tell (or write) something you like about your peer’s work. 

A: Ask a question about your peer’s work.

G: Give one suggestion about your peer’s work.

  1. Provide students with a sheet of paper and have them write T-A-G vertically on their paper. (For younger students consider providing a template.)

  2. Share the acronym TAG with the students and inform them what each letter in TAG represents. 

  3. Provide students time to read what their peers have written or to look over their project.

  4. Have students record one thought for each letter.

  5. When time is up, allow students to share their thoughts with their peers through discussion or by sharing their paper.

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