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Moved by Punctuation

Polly Base, Kelsey Willems | Published: February 26th, 2024 by K20 Center


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Moved by Punctuation

An ELA strategy that has students connect punctuation to different movements to aid in memory retention. This can be used for reviewing or exploring a new concept.

Moved by Punctuation


For this ELA strategy, make a list of punctuation you wish to review. Then, create a pre-made list of movements (or craft one from student input) that corresponds to the punctuation list. Next, have students practice recognizing and demonstrating the role of various punctuation within a text. The text can be crafted specifically with different examples of punctuation in mind or with something you are already reading in class. This can be used as a review of prior knowledge or as an exploration when introducing new concepts.


  1. This strategy has been inspired by the “Snap, Clap, Pop” strategy.

  2. Prepare a list of punctuation and movements (see the optional attached handout). For example, have students raise a fist for a period. Alternatively, you can create this list with your students in class. Consider posting the list permanently in your room for frequent reference. 

  3. Prepare a text. The text can be an excerpt from something you are already reading in class or a new text you find or create (see the Robo-Reads strategy for ideas). 

  4. Assign each student a different punctuation mark and action. Note: there may be duplicate pairings based on class size. 

  5. Read a text aloud and have students perform their action as the punctuation mark appears in the text. 

  6. Repeat steps 3-5, depending on how many different types of punctuation you want students to practice and for how long. 

  7. Facilitate a class discussion on what students learned about the role of punctuation in writing. 

  8. Encourage students to practice these movements during their personal reading time for retention.

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