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Exclaim and Question

K20 Center, Kate Raymond | Published: September 16th, 2020 by K20 Center


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Exclaim and Question

This strategy offers a framework for students to practice generating, offering, and receiving constructive criticism.

Exclaim and Question


This strategy is intended to be used in conjunction with class presentations. Students generate one strength and one question they have for each presentation they watch, then they offer this feedback immediately following the presentation. This procedure can be used any time students present their work to the class but is best for group presentations as time may become an issue if there are too many presentations to critique. It's an excellent formative assessment to use to prepare students to improve and finalize their products.


  1. After a student or student group presents, audience members work for 2-3 minutes to identify one strength they saw and one question they have about what was presented.

  2. Once complete, each audience member or group is called to share the strength and the question they identified. The presenter records each strength and question on a chart.

  3. As the audience shares, ask the other students if they agree with the feedback. If people agree with the relevance of the question or statement, the presenter should note this, adding one exclamation mark (!) for each person or group that agrees with the strength mentioned and one question mark (?) for each student or group who agrees with the most recent question read.

  4. Repeat this for all student presentations.