Authentic Lessons for 21st Century Learning


Lydia Baker, Daniel Schwarz, Kelsey Willems | Published: August 11th, 2023 by K20 Center


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More quickly create engaging lessons with Wordwall through quizzes, matching, word games, and more. Generate interactive activities, convert into printables, share resources, and post them to a website. Educators have access to a pool of existing resources as well as their own with paid and free subscription options.



With Wordwall, teachers are able to create custom resources for their classes that can be printed or completed digitally. There are pre-created templates that teachers can choose from when creating their interactive activities.


  1. Create an account on  

  2. Click “Create Activity,” and choose a template to use.

  3. Add content-specific information to share with students to practice their skills.

  4. Share your interactive activity by embedding the activity on the school's LMS, setting an assignment, or sharing the resource publicly.

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