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AI Image Generator

Kelsey Willems, Keiana Cross, Erin Finley | Published: January 31st, 2024 by K20 Center


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AI Image Generator

An AI image generator helps create images that are visually appealing and relevant to the content. The AI image generator employs artificial neural networks (ANN), inspired by biological neural networks, to rapidly create diverse images based on learned patterns and styles from a vast dataset of image-text pairs.

AI Image Generator


AI image generators are helpful tools for teachers and students to create art custom-built for their specific needs. Teachers can use an AI image generator to curate visual examples for any particular lesson topic, while students can use an image generator to promote digital creative practices. These tools may also be used to upload original student drawings and edit them in digitally creative ways relevant to the lesson topic. 

Note: AI platforms can misinterpret information, present bias, and/or plagiarize the work of others. Always check the validity and originality of the content gleaned from a chatbot source.


Have a topic or question in mind. 

  1. Starting point: Type a description of the topic into your chosen AI image generator platform, making sure you’re as specific as possible when it comes to details about what you need and the context. 

    • Alternate starting point: Many AI image generators let you upload an existing image, or use a URL link to an image online as a starting point. For example, you can have students draw their own images then upload them to an AI program for edits.

  2. Rephrase and revise. If the first response is not exactly what you were looking for (which is common), try rephrasing your original statement by adding more details, or with some platforms you can tell AI to “try again.” 

  3. Be descriptive. Consider including aspects of the image such as mood, style of art, lighting, colors, artist reference, details you're looking for, etc.

Examples of AI image generators:

Other considerations: Most AI image generators are copyright free for educational use, but courts may soon set a legal precedent on this matter. Also, be aware of age restrictions for users. You as a teacher may do what you want with the content created, but if you’re having students use these apps then check the minimum age requirement. With new technology it is always wise to follow all current developments. 

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