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Kelsey Willems, Jared Whaley | Published: June 27th, 2024 by K20 Center


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AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered tutoring resource geared towards teachers, learners, and parents which has access to KhanAcademy’s extensive educational library.



Khanmigo is an AI personal tutor affiliated with Khan Academy. It has access to their vast content library. While this program provides multiple learning resources such as video tutorials, interactive exercise, and quizzes, there are also personalized learning paths and the ability for parents/students to track progress. One of the key features that makes Khanmigo stand out amongst other AI chatbots is that it doesn’t just provide answers to questions but rather guides learners to find the answers themselves.  

Note: Teachers can access Khanmigo for free; however, there is a $4/month paywall for learners and parents.


  1. Access

  2. Select the “Get Khanmigo” button top right. 

  3. Select “Create an Account.” 

  4. Under “Sign up” select how you wish to join (i.e. learner, teacher, or parent) and enter your birthdate.

  5. Follow the steps for creating an account.

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