Authentic Lessons for 21st Century Learning

Me? A Scholar?

Lisa Loughlin, Lindsey Link | Published: January 13th, 2023 by K20 Center


This educator resource helps teachers facilitate a classroom discussion about scholarship myths. Students will complete a K-W-L chart to state what they already know and want to know about scholarships. Afterward, students will research scholarships they qualify for using the Web Inquiry strategy. Students then will complete the final column of the K-W-L chart in which they reflect on what they have learned. Finally, students will be encouraged to apply for one of the scholarships they have researched.

Essential Question

Are there scholarships for everyone?

Learning Goals

  • Recognize common misconceptions about scholarships.

  • Research scholarships that might benefit students in their postsecondary education.

Materials List

  • Lesson Slides (attached)

  • Scholarship K-W-L Chart (attached; one per student)

  • Scholarship Web Inquiry Graphic Organizer (attached; one per student)

  • Student computers or tablets for web inquiry

  • Pen or pencil


Using the attached Lesson Slides, display slides 2–4 to introduce the lesson’s essential questions and objectives.

The activity begins with a game called “Two Truths and a Lie.” Move to slide 5 and share the rules for the game.

Display slides 6–8 and have students guess which statement among the three they think is a lie. Students may ask questions and discuss with each other. Once students make their guesses, facilitate a discussion by asking them to justify their guesses.


Distribute the attached Scholarship K-W-L Chart and transition to slide 9. For reference, the K-W-L chart is a modification of the KWHL strategy.

Ask students to fill out the first column with what they know about scholarships. Allow 5 minutes to complete the column, but you can adjust the time as needed. Encourage students to pull their knowledge from the previous activity.

Next, have students fill out the second column with what they want to know about scholarships. Ask them to list as many things as they can. Allow at least 3–5 minutes to complete the column, but you can adjust the time as needed.

Have students share some of their questions about scholarships and allow other students to answer (if they know the answer).

Let students know they will complete the third column at the end of the activity.


Move to slide 10 and introduce the Web Inquiry activity.

Then, distribute the attached Scholarship Web Inquiry Graphic Organizer. Let students know that they will research five scholarships they might be interested in, regardless of if it is for college, trade school, or something else.

Explain to students that, even if they are not interested in postsecondary education (PSE) right now, that doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future—it’s good to have options and know what opportunities are available.

Ask students to read the first page of the graphic organizer handout to help them with their research. Then, have them begin their research and ask them to fill out the second page of the graphic organizer as they do their research.

Allow 20–30 minutes for students to research and complete the graphic organizer.


Once students have researched the five scholarships they are interested in, display slide 11 and encourage them to apply for one of the scholarships they researched.


Move to slide 11. Have students return to their Scholarship K-W-L Chart and ask them to fill out the third column with what they learned about scholarships.

Allow 3–5 minutes for students to complete the column. Collect the responses to assess student learning and determine what further instruction is needed.