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Move, Flip, and Slide!

Building Relationships & Community in the Classroom

Polly Base, Daniel Schwarz, Chris Larcade | Published: June 2nd, 2022 by K20 Center

  • Grade Level Grade Level 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
  • Subject Subject English/Language Arts
  • Course Course
  • Time Frame Time Frame 60 minutes
  • Duration More 1 period


Be ready to move! Classroom practices that engage and maintain student interest while promoting student-centered learning and real-world connections are highlighted in this lesson. Students use Flipgrid technology to gain opportunities to communicate in a new and exciting manner. Students experience a highly interactive lesson full of relevant instructional strategies discovered through collaboration and meaningful conversations. This lesson is an excellent tool for building and maintaining relationships in the classroom.

Essential Question(s)

How does social media help build relationships and community?



Students make "All About Me" Name Tents introducing themselves to their peers.


Students identify social media categories and their purposes using Padlet.


Students watch a How-to-Flipgrid video.


Students create a personal Flipgrid video to introduce themselves.


Students view other classmates’ videos and post questions.


  • Lesson Slides

  • Flipgrid How-To Guide (attached; one per student)

  • Computers for Internet access

  • Card stock

  • Markers

  • Colored Pencils

  • 3X5 cards


15 Minute(s)

Use the attached Lesson Slides during this lesson.

Display slide 2. Post the Essential Question for the students to read and think about as they enter the room. Display slide 3 and read the Lesson Objectives to the students.

Display slide 4. Ask the students to create an "All About Me" Name Tent with a piece of card stock. Tell students that on the card stock, they should write their names on one side and answer the following questions on the back:

  1. How many years have you lived in this town?

  2. What is your favorite activity or hobby?

  3. What is your favorite genre, novel, short story, poem, or play?

  4. What is your favorite part of ELA: reading, writing, listening, speaking, or viewing?

  5. What is most important to you as a student in this class?

  6. What is your favorite type of social media?

Ask students to display their Name Tents in front of them. They will use them later in the session.

Display slide 5. Pair the students in the class. Explain the Partner Speaks strategy. Explain that each partner will share the information from the Name Tents while the other partner actively listens.

Instruct students to switch partners. Explain that each person will share out to the class one detail about their partner’s Name Tent while using their partner’s name.


10 Minute(s)

Display slide 6. Remind students of the Essential Question of the day, "How does social media help build relationships and community?" Using Padlet, ask students to go to the link and look at the different types of social media. Instruct the students to post a comment on each of the types of social media that they use. Remind students to include the following in their post:

  1. WHAT social media platforms do you use?

  2. WHOM do you communicate with regularly?

  3. WHY do you use this platform?

Display slide 7. Have students view the results of the Padlet. Discuss the posts with the students. Have them reflect on their observations.


5 Minute(s)

Display slide 8. Explain to the students that they will be learning how to use the tech tool, Flip, to introduce themselves to each other and the teacher. Watch the How-to-Flip video. Remind students to pay attention to the details.

Display slide 9. Describe the 30-Second Expert strategy to students. Ask them to find a partner and explain that the first person will take 30 seconds to share everything they learned from the video. Switch places. The second person will take 30 seconds to repeat what they heard from the first person and then add anything else they learned from the video. Convey to learners the importance of collaborative thinking involved with this strategy. Ask for volunteers to share with the group what was learned about Flip from their partner.


15 Minute(s)

Display slide 10. Describe to the students how to use Flip to introduce their "All About Me" Name Tents. Have students go to Flip and enter the Join Code you received when you created your Flip group and topic.

Display slide 11. Share with students the directions for creating their own Flip. Instruct them to use the Elevator Speech strategy. Have them try the creative options outlined on the slide and create a 60-second "All About Me" post. Remind them that their classmates will be viewing their videos as a community building activity.


15 Minute(s)

Display slide 12. Ask for a few volunteers to share their videos. Demonstrate how to respond to a video with a video response by pressing the blue camera tab. Show them where to add a public comment for posting positive comments or questions. Give examples of positive comments and clarifying questions.

Present the next steps to the students which include the following:

  1. View three classmates’ videos.

  2. Post one video response.

  3. Post one positive comment.

  4. Post one clarifying question.

Display slide 13. Hand out 3x5 cards for Exit Tickets. Ask the students to answer the Essential Question, "How does social media help build relationships and community?" Inform the students that you will discuss this question at the next class meeting.

Remind students that Flip is a great tool that can be used for introductions, formative assessments, projects, and discussion posts.