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Loop Me In

Creating Songs with Loops

James Doyle, Ryan Rahhal | Published: May 5th, 2022 by K20 Center

  • Grade Level Grade Level 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
  • Subject Subject Performing Arts
  • Course Course Music


In this lesson, students will participate in a “Tip of the Iceberg” activity to track what they know about using loops throughout the lesson. First, students will create a loop using Chrome Music Lab’s Melody Maker. Then, they will discuss what a loop is and watch a professional musician build a full musical arrangement by creating loops on a violin. Finally, students will use loops to create collaborative compositions on the free Digital Audio Workstation, BandLab for Education.

Essential Question(s)

In music recording and production, what is a loop? How are loops used in music creation?



Students record what they know about loops in music production by participating in a "Tip of the Iceberg" activity.


Students make a loop using Chrome Music Lab’s Melody Maker.


Students define "loop" in a musical context and watch a professional musician perform using them.


Students use loops to create a musical composition on BandLab for Education collaboratively.


Students return to the "Tip of the Iceberg" activity, making note of their new knowledge.


  • Lesson Slides (attached)

  • Tip of the Iceberg Handout (one per student; attached)

  • BandLab Instructions Handout (one per student; attached)

  • Notecatcher Handout (one per student; attached)

  • What is a Loop? Handout (one per student; attached)

  • Speaker with auxiliary connection for music playback

  • Student Computers or iPads


5 Minute(s)

Use the attached Lesson Slides to guide the lesson. Display slides 2-4 and discuss the Essential Questions and Lesson Objectives. Display slide 5. Explain the Tip of the Iceberg strategy to the class. Distribute or share digitally the attached Tip of the Iceberg handout. Direct students to fill out the Tip of the Iceberg with words that come to mind when they hear the word "loop," keeping in mind the musical context.


8 Minute(s)

Display slide 6. Have students navigate to Chrome Music Lab. Direct them to the bottom left corner of the website and have them select the "Melody Maker" option. Without providing instructions, allow students 3-5 minutes of unguided exploration. Using the melody maker, students can create melodic loops at different tempos with no prior music knowledge.


Display slide 7. Show students the “VIVA LA VIDA by COLDPLAY | Loop Violin Cover by Peter Markes” video. Have students reflect on the video by filling out the Notecatcher handout.

Display slide 8. After they have finished the Notecatcher, have them add new words to the waterline on the "Tip of the Iceberg" handout with new information they now know about loops.

Distribute the What is a Loop? handout. Display slide 9. Explain the Cus and Discuss strategy to students. Have students complete the strategy with a partner.


Display slide 10.

Distribute the BandLab Instructions handout and have students follow the steps.


Display slide 11.

Instruct students to return to their Tip of the Iceberg and fill in what they now know about Loops beneath the waterline.