Authentic Lessons for 21st Century Learning

Empowering Educators through LEARN

Laura Young, Teresa Randall, Polly Base, Matthew McDonald, Tanner Lusher | Published: February 2nd, 2024 by K20 Center


This session gives participants a guided exploration of K20's LEARN website, including 5E lessons, instructional strategies, tech tools, and tech-integrated strategies, to help them create a repository of resources they can use to aid authentic teaching in the classroom.

Essential Question

How can you use/have you used K20 resources to support authentic teaching in your classroom?

Learning Goals

  • Participants will explore the components of the LEARN website.

  • Participants will collaborate to create a usable repository of items from LEARN.

Materials List

  • Session slides (attached)

  • LEARN Task Cards (attached; one per person at each station)

  • Beach Ball (optional)

  • Personal devices


10 Minute(s)

Use the attached Session Slides and display slide 2. Introduce yourself and welcome participants to the session. Share the session objectives on slide 3 and essential question on slide 4.

Transition to slide 5 and introduce participants to the Beach Ball Talk and Toss strategy. Once participants have had a little time to review how to participate, move to slide 6 and share the prompts to be answered when a participant has caught the ball.

Have participants stand at their tables in a circle facing each other and gently toss the ball around the circle. Participants should answer the question from the slides that corresponds to the color where their right thumb lands on the ball when it is caught. Continue to play until each participant has had a chance to respond.


40 Minute(s)

Show slide 7 and let the participants know they will be rotating through a series of stations that will allow them to explore K20’s LEARN.

Give participants 10–15 minutes to explore LEARN at each station and fill in their LEARN Task Cards. Slide 8 contains a timer you can put on screen to let participants know how much time they have.


5 Minute(s)

Transition to slide 9 and display the Mentimeter. Have participants respond to the question, Which statement most accurately describes your readiness to use the LEARN Task Cards?

Share the results of the Mentimeter poll with participants before moving on. Facilitate a short discussion on participants’ responses.


5 Minute(s)

Move to slide 10. Give participants time to silently reflect on their answers.

Transition to slide 11 and introduce the POMS strategy. Have participants take a moment to think about their responses before asking a few to share out.


5 Minute(s)

Show slide 12 and introduce participants to the I Used to Think…But Now I Know strategy.

Give participants some scratch paper, or they can use the back of a LEARN Task Card. On the paper, they should create two columns, titled “I Used to Think…” and “Now I Know…” to answer the question, How have your ideas about utilizing LEARN changed (or become more detailed)?

Ask participants to reflect on their ideas about LEARN before the session versus what they've learned today. Have their thoughts, opinions, or knowledge changed? Invite participants to list at least one idea they had before the session in the "I Used to Think..." column, and then something new they've learned as a result of the session in the "Now I Know..." column.

Invite participants to share their responses in their groups or with the whole group.