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Cut It Out

Grade Level Grade Level

  • 3rd - Undergraduate

Students collaborate to summarize content, create illustrations, and record a brief video about a research topic or recently covered topic that demonstrates their expertise and understanding. Read more »

Strategy Instructional Strategy

User Group Group Size

  • Small Group

Copied To Clipboard Placement In Lesson

  • Explore/Learning Activity, Explain/Closing, Evaluate/Assessment

Time Frame Time To Complete

  • More Than 30 Minutes

Tag Intention Or Purpose

  • Active Engagement, Collaborate, Critical Thinking, Evaluate, Interpret, Present, Problem Solving, Reflection, Review, Speak & Listen, Student Choice, Summarize, Synthesize

Grade Level Grade Level

  • 3rd - Undergraduate

The Noun Project is an online resource containing a diverse collection of icons. Students and teachers may use The Noun Project to communicate through pictures or to build engaging content. Read more »

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