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How can we place students in the role of being active rather than passive learners? How do we allow students to have choices in their learning while at the same time creating a diverse learning environment? The answer is learning stations. In this professional learning session, participants will discuss... Read more »

Professional Learning

Tag Calendar Placement

  • Any time of year, Summer Session

User Group Group Size

  • Medium Group (at least 10), Small Group (at least 4)

Tag Intention Or Purpose

  • Active Engagement, Compare & Contrast, Critical Thinking, Evaluate, Identify, Infer, Interpret, Physical Movement, Summarize, Synthesize, Writing Across Curriculum
Time Frame 65 minutes
Cut It Out

Grade Level Grade Level

  • 3rd - Undergraduate

Students collaborate to summarize content, create illustrations, and record a brief video about a research topic or recently covered topic that demonstrates their expertise and understanding. Read more »

Strategy Instructional Strategy

User Group Group Size

  • Small Group

Copied To Clipboard Placement In Lesson

  • Explore/Learning Activity, Explain/Closing, Evaluate/Assessment

Time Frame Time To Complete

  • More Than 30 Minutes

Tag Intention Or Purpose

  • Active Engagement, Collaborate, Critical Thinking, Evaluate, Interpret, Present, Problem Solving, Reflection, Review, Speak & Listen, Student Choice, Summarize, Synthesize

Grade Level Grade Level

  • 3rd - Undergraduate

The Noun Project is an online resource containing a diverse collection of icons. Students and teachers may use The Noun Project to communicate through pictures or to build engaging content. Read more »

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