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Mockaroo is a freemium web application that can generate several fields of fake data in a generated Comma-Separated Value (CSV) spreadsheet. Read more »

Tech Tool

Shoot, edit, and export your own videos and share! Read more »

Tech Tool

This PD introduces the use of Swivl™ robots in the classroom. Participants will go through the process of setting up the bot, recording video, uploading video to the cloud, and accessing previously saved videos. Additionally, participants will discuss possible uses of Swivl bots both for instructional... Read more »

Professional Learning

Tag Target Audience

  • All Staff or Teachers

Tag Calendar Placement

  • 1st Nine Weeks

User Group Group Size

  • Medium Group (at least 10)

Tag Intention Or Purpose

  • Active Engagement, Increase Teacher "Toolbox"
Time Frame 50-60 minutes

Grade Level Grade Level

  • Preschool - 12th

The Storyboarding strategy allows students to keep track of information presented in a narrative or informational text—such as the sequence of events, main ideas, and supporting details—through the use of illustrations. Storyboarding can be used when texts are read aloud or when students read independently.... Read more »

Strategy Instructional Strategy

User Group Group Size

  • Individual, Whole Class

Copied To Clipboard Placement In Lesson

  • Extend/Additional Learning Activity, Evaluate/Assessment

Time Frame Time To Complete

  • More Than 30 Minutes

Tag Intention Or Purpose

  • Critical Thinking, Evaluate, Identify, Infer, Interpret, Organize, Recognize, Reflection, Summarize, Synthesize

Grade Level Grade Level

  • Preschool - 12th