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Muddiest Point

Patricia Turner | Published: September 16th, 2020 by K20 Center


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Muddiest Point

This strategy is a quick monitoring technique where students jot down the most difficult or confusing part of a lesson.

Muddiest Point


Students reflect on the part of a lesson they feel was most difficult or confusing. This pushes them to think about the way they learn and provides a comfortable outlet in which to voice their difficulties in understanding new concepts or content. This can be used at any point in a lesson, particularly when a teacher feels their students are having problems grasping the material.


  1. Ask students to write down what they think was the muddiest (most confusing or least clear) point in today’s lesson.

  2. Collect student responses.

  3. Let students know how you will use the information in the next part of the lesson or next lesson.

  4. Analyze student responses and use the information to improve instruction in the next part of the lesson or in the next lesson.