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K20 Center | Published: September 16th, 2020 by K20 Center


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Gallery Walk / Carousel

This strategy provides a way to show many student presentations at one time by having students walk in a circuit from presentation to presentation, stopping long enough to learn from each one.

Gallery Walk / Carousel


Student group presentations are posted around the room, creating a circuit. Groups then move from station to station, learning from each presentation and leaving feedback for the presentation's creators. This strategy encourages participation, allows for peer feedback, and is exceptionally flexible.


  1. Students choose or are assigned a topic or a question to answer.

  2. Students either select classmates to join their group or are assigned into groups. (The first two steps can occur in any order, based on class needs.)

  3. Groups then create a presentation over their topic—typically a poster of some kind but any presentation would work.

  4. Responses are posted around the room. Sometimes a group member will remain with the response to present the group's work (optional).

  5. Groups circulate around the room, stopping at each station long enough to give students an opportunity to learn from and evaluate the presentation.

  6. Students leave at least two questions or comments about the presentation on sticky notes.

  7. Once all of the groups have completed the circuit, everyone returns to their original presentation to examine the feedback left for them.

  8. See a demonstration video at

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