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Driving Question Board

Alonna Smith, Heather Shaffery | Published: July 9th, 2021 by K20 Center


Driving Question Board

This strategy encourages students to share their questions and curiosities surrounding anchoring phenomena. By sharing their wonderings throughout the learning experience, students are provided with an opportunity to able to connect culturally and personally to the content.

Driving Question Board


A driving question board supports equitable science classrooms by creating a communitiy of sharing individual, related expereicnece that help make sense of the anchoring phenomena. Every student contributes to the discussion and all voices are heard. This provides the teacher with an opportunity to establish a culture of appreciating and valuing diverse ideas and ways of thinking.


  1. Present students with phenomena or a puzzling question that will elicit responses and ideas from students.

  2. Ask students to begin adding questions to the board. This can be a section of your whiteboard, post, or bulletin board. It needs to be visible to the students as they are developing their understanding. Students will need access to markers, sticky notes, index cards, or scrap pieces of paper.

  3. Every student should record questions or any relevant information that might help make sense of the phenomena being discussed on their paper and add it to the driving question board as the whole group discusses everyone’s questions or observations.

  4. The teacher can then discuss how the class might group questions based on similarities.

  5. After grouping the questions, as a whole class, discuss where to begin.