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Question Generating

K20 Center | Published: September 16th, 2020 by K20 Center


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Question Generating

This instructional strategy switches the role of “question generator” from the teacher to the student as students use critical thinking to explore a concept by creating and asking their own good questions.

Question Generating


A prompt is provided for students and they are asked to provide “good” questions regarding it. This strategy can be used at the beginning of a unit or concept to guide students toward the investigation of a certain topic or it could be used at the end of learning to review material.


  1. Explain the purpose of this exercise and discuss what kind of question is considered a "good" question (criteria will vary from teacher to teacher).

  2. Provide a prompt for the students. This can be a picture, statement, or problem among many other options.

  3. Provide students with time to create "good" questions about the prompt.

  4. Discuss the students' questions. Students could volunteer to share their questions; students could pose their questions to the class for a response; several of the best questions could be stored for use in future class periods; or any other method that is effective in assessing, reviewing, or previewing the necessary content may be used.

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