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Concept Speed Dating

Brittany Bowens, Matthew McDonald | Published: November 20th, 2023 by K20 Center


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Concept Speed Dating

This strategy is used to help students collect and share information from trusted sources while also building soft skills.

Concept Speed Dating


This strategy serves the dual purpose of facilitating information gathering and fostering the development of students' soft skills. It enables students to collect and exchange information efficiently while simultaneously enhancing their interpersonal and communication abilities. As a result, it offers a comprehensive learning experience that combines knowledge acquisition with the cultivation of essential life skills.


  1. Create a template for a dating profile with questions correlating to the information needed for each term or concept. (See attached Profile Template and Notecatcher.)

  2. Organize students into groups based on the number of terms or concepts they need to learn.

  3. Within each group, have each student choose one of the terms or concepts and complete their 'dating profile' by researching the necessary information for their assigned term or concept.

  4. After completing the profiles, instruct students to arrange their desks facing one another.

  5. Have students pair up and sit across from a partner.

  6. For 30 seconds, one student should share information about their assigned term or concept, while their partner records key notes.

  7. After 30 seconds, have the students switch roles.

  8. When time is called (you can use a bell for this), instruct one group of students to rotate clockwise to meet their next “date” and repeat steps 6-8 until they have gathered all their notes.