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Research Posters

K20 Center, Alexandra Parsons | Published: September 16th, 2020 by K20 Center


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Research Posters

Students use this strategy to display their findings from research or experiments in a meaningful way that models what college research looks like.

Research Posters


Students, after doing research or experiments, construct a meaningful poster to present their findings. Tips on how to design a meaningful, legible poster and examples of both well- and poorly-designed posters can be found at if examples are needed.


  1. First, students must conduct research or an experiment.

  2. Then, students will create a poster that displays all of the components of the research or experiment.

  3. Display the posters for the whole class to view.

  4. OPTIONAL: Provide opportunities for student feedback on posters. The Gallery Walk/Carousel strategy, and its variations, work well for this.