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Anchor Charts

K20 Center, Alexandra Parsons | Published: September 16th, 2020 by K20 Center


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Anchor Charts

Anchor charts are an in-the-moment poster made with student input and then hung on the wall for later reference.

Anchor Charts


Focusing on one specific topic, students (and teacher) will construct a poster about the topic, including pertinent mnemonics or other helpful contextual reminders. Anchor charts work best when done collaboratively with students, even though pre-made anchor charts can be found on the Internet. As an optional, additional activity, students can make their own anchor charts in groups and hang them up!


  1. Determine the topic of focus and share it with the students.

  2. Have the students brainstorm what they know about a topic and how they remember it.

  3. Allow students to share out so the entire class can come to a consensus of what to include on their anchor chart.

  4. Make the chart and post it in the room for the students to use for future reference. *The best anchor charts visually strong and include a mix of words, pictures, and diagrams. Think outside the bulleted list!

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