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Say Something!

Daniel Schwarz, Brandy Hackett | Published: May 7th, 2021 by K20 Center


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Say Something!

This reading strategy has students pause to discuss a text, optionally using specific sentence starters. It also can be adapted for math.

Say Something!


This strategy promotes reading comprehension across content areas and can be modified for use with mathematics. Students read a text or a set of problems in pairs and pause along the way to discuss the content, optionally using the provided sentence starters.


  1. Have students form pairs and take turns reading sections of the provided text aloud.

  2. After the first section, the reader should pause and say something about what was read. The reader may make a prediction, ask a question, clarify a source of confusion, comment on what's happening, or connect the text to something that's already known. If readers aren't able to do one of those five things, they should reread the section.

  3. Optionally, students may use the sentence starters provided in the attached templates to help them initiate the conversation.

  4. The listening partner offers a response to what was said. Then the listening partner continues reading the next section until they pause to say something.

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