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Two Stars and A Wish

Lindsey Link, Shayna Pond, Jane Baber, Shayna Pond | Published: September 16th, 2020 by K20 Center


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Two Stars and A Wish

Two Stars and a Wish is a reflection strategy designed to provide student feedback via peer- and self-assessment. Students consider a recent activity, lesson, event, etc., and respond with two positive (stars) and one hopeful (wish) reflection.

Two Stars and A Wish


This instructional strategy gives students an opportunity to self-reflect and provide feedback to peers. This strategy can be used at any point in a lesson but is best used following an activity or a presentation, when peer-reviewing a classmate's work, or for self-reflection on an assignment. Prompted by one of these events, students identify two areas that went well (stars) and one area that could be improved (a wish).


  1. First, have students take a moment to quietly reflect on the activity, presentation, event, etc.

  2. Next, have students work individually to write down, or share out, two areas which they liked or felt positive about—the stars.

  3. Finally, have them write down, or share out, one area that they feel could be improved—the wish.

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