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Keiana Cross | Published: September 9th, 2022 by K20 Center


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Post-it® is an iPad or iPhone app that uses the simplicity of Post-it® notes in a digital form.



Create a new Post-it® in the app or scan your paper Post-it® notes. With this app, capture your ideas and organize the Post-it® notes into boards. Share your notes to collaborate with others.


  1. Select the "Capture" button to take a picture of one or many Post-it® notes.

    1. Press and hold the camera icon for about two seconds to scan paper Post-it® notes.

    2. Choose "Create Board" if you are satisfied with the scan.

  2. Select the "Create" button to add a digital Post-it® Note.

    1. Select the color of the Post-it® by touching the Post-it® icon in the bottom left.

    2. Draw or type on the Post-it®.

    3. Select "Add" to add the digital Post-it® to an existing board.

  3. Touch the back arrow to go back to the main screen where you can view all your boards.

  4. Touch and hold a board to open the board menu that will allow you to combine, copy, export, or delete boards.

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