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SCORE Reflection

Shayna Pond, Lindsay Hawkins, Lindsay Williams | Published: May 17th, 2024 by K20 Center


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SCORE Reflection

This versatile reflection tool works well after trying something new, following an event or project, or evaluating how well one has met a goal they set for themselves.

SCORE Reflection


There are many situations in which a SCORE reflection can come in handy. For teachers, it could be a personal reflection after using a particular instructional strategy. Students could use it after a project to reflect on how they approached and solved problems, and to reflect on strategies they have tried for studying, writing, or goal setting.


  1. Strategy: The first step is determining what to reflect on. What did you try? Include some objective details in this part of the reflection, such as the period of time when you carried it out, how frequently, and in what context. 

  2. Celebration: Secondly, acknowledge any and all good things that came with the strategy you tried. 

  3. Obstacles: Identify any challenges or roadblocks you faced while implementing the strategy. 

  4. Refinement: Next, determine how you would do it differently if you tried it again.

  5. Extra Information: Finally, be sure to note any additional thoughts, feelings, or details that seem important related to trying out this strategy.