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K20 Center | Published: September 16th, 2020 by K20 Center


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This strategy is a thinking routine that facilitates discussion and helps students engage with text.



Students read a provided text, taking into account any artwork that accompanies it. In that text, students identify a sentence that was meaningful, a phrase that moved them, and a powerful word. When finished, students share out their choices and a whole-class discussion follows. Students can work individually or in small groups with this strategy.


  1. Assign students a reading and be sure they also study any artwork that accompanies the text.

  2. As students read, they identify the following: a sentence that was meaningful to them and reflects the main idea; a phrase that moved, engaged or provoked them; and a word that captured their attention and/or is powerful.

  3. Students share their sentences-phrases-words.

  4. Display each group/individual's selections.

  5. In a whole-class discussion, examine questions similar to the following: Are there common themes? What speaks to you? Why? What are the implications of that sentence, phrase or word on the rest of the text? How does it set the stage for lessons to be drawn or predictions?