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I Notice, I Wonder With Padlet

Sharing Questions and Inferences as a Class

Laura Halstied, Keiana Cross | Published: May 18th, 2023 by K20 Center


I Notice, I Wonder

Students use guided inquiry to create and answer good questions from the information at hand, activating their prior knowledge and engaging them in higher-order thinking.

I Notice, I Wonder

Padlet is a web app that works like a digital bulletin board. Students and teachers may use Padlet to share ideas and collaborate by posting notes, text, and images to the board.




Hello, and welcome to this tech-integrated strategy tutorial. Whether you’re teaching online or in a face-to-face setting, learning in the modern classroom often benefits from the digital mediation of educational activities. 

In this video, you’ll learn how to implement the I Notice, I Wonder instructional strategy using the tech tool Padlet. Used together, this strategy and tool provide opportunities for students to view one anothers’ responses in real time, which encourages discussion. 

Information about I Notice, I Wonder is located on the K20 LEARN site under the Instructional Strategies tab. This strategy has students observe and ask questions about content that has just been introduced to them. 

Padlet is a digital collaboration board that shows responses in real time. 

You can find information about Padlet on the K20 LEARN site under the Tech Tools tab.

In the How-To section, we’ll give you hands-on instructions for how to facilitate an I Notice, I Wonder activity using Padlet.

How-To Guide
  1. Go to and select Sign up for a free account. If you already have an account, select Log in.

  2. We have an account that we created with a Google email address, so we are selecting Log in with Google.

  3. If you have multiple accounts, select the one that you want to use. This will typically be the one created with your school email. In this example, we are going to use a K20 demo account.

  4. Select Make a Padlet.

  5. Although there are a number of Padlet types, for the I Notice, I Wonder strategy select Shelf.

  6. Give your Padlet a title. In this example, we’re going to use the name of our lesson, “Indestructible? Inconceivable!”

  7. Make any modifications to the default settings, and then select Next.

  8. You should see a confirmation that your Padlet has been created. To add the instructions, select START POSTING.

  9. Now it's time to give each column in our Padlet a title. For this strategy, enter the instructions as the title of your first column. When you’re finished, select the Save button.

  10. Select ADD SECTION to create a second column.

  11. Name the second column "I Notice," and then select Save.

  12. Select ADD SECTION to add a third column.

  13. Name the third column "I Wonder," and then select Save.

  14. Select the Open share settings (right arrow) button.

  15. Select Copy link to clipboard to get a link that you can share with students.

  16. To download a QR code for students to scan, select the Get QR code button.

  17. Download the QR code or display it for students. Select Close to close the QR code.

  18. Select Close to close the Share settings.


When you’re facilitating I Notice, I Wonder with Padlet, there are a few options to consider. 

Because free Padlet accounts limit users to three Padlets at a time, consider clearing the posts between classes. 

Decide whether you want to allow students to comment on one another’s posts. 

Decide whether you want to allow students to add reactions to posts. 

To share the Padlet, consider using the built in QR Code feature, or simply share the link.

Make sure to set your Padlet to “Private” and “Can Write.”

Use Cases

I Notice, I Wonder and Padlet can be used together in a variety of ways. 

In English when introducing a new novel, have students look at the cover to make observations and ask questions about the book. 

In Science, show students a video that displays a phenomenon and have them make observations and ask questions about it. 


I Notice, I Wonder is an instructional strategy that has students observe and ask questions about content just being introduced to them. 

Padlet is a digital collaboration board that shows responses in real time. 

When I Notice, I Wonder and Padlet are used together, students can view class responses in real time. 

For more information, visit the tabs below. You can explore other ways to use Padlet or to incorporate I Notice, I Wonder in your classroom.


Is Padlet a free tool?

Padlet’s free version allows a user to have three Padlets at a time with a maximum upload of 20MB.

What other activities can be implemented with Padlet?

With Padlet, you can display student responses to open-ended questions, or you can use it as a brainstorming board.

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