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Storytelling Tech Tools

Shayna Pond | Published: August 9th, 2023 by K20 Center


In this collection, you will find tech tools for creating stories in multiple formats. The storytelling process holds many values for engaging students in their learning. Telling a story involves critical thinking, problem-solving, reflection, and perspective-taking and can be a deeply engaging and satisfying process for students as they imagine ways to share their interests, skills, and knowledge with an audience (Schrum, K., Majury, N., & Simonelli, A. L. (2021). Authentic learning across disciplines and borders with scholarly digital storytelling. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 9(2).


Twine is an open-source tool for developing interactive, non-linear stories. Read more »

Tech Tool

A completely free and simple to use cross-platform compatible animation tool. Students can create their own animations by sketching keyframes on a timeline using any tablet with digital drawing capability. Read more »

Tech Tool

This app allows students to use virtual picture dice to generate stories. Read more »

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Create incredible digital books with the help of Book Creator! Combine pictures, audio, text, images, and even videos to create interactive notebooks, research journals, animated stories and much more. Read more »

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Pixton is a website where students can create their own comics to share stories or summarize what they have learned. Read more »

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Captivate... engage... explain! Create amazing videos and presentations with Powtoon, an animated presentation software that contains themes with animated characters, props, and cool transitions. Each of these elements can be dragged and dropped into a slide to create fun and eye-catching presentations. Read more »

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